[dφ] adjective and noun, two.
[sulje] noun, shoe in archaic French.
Deux Souliers, two shoes.

  • The roots of the label

    Exploration In design, silhouettes, cuts, lines, materials and soles. Restlessness and curiosity, wrapped in geometry, ergonomic & comfort.

    Continuity. Our product doesn’t expire, we adapt it and re-edit it. Good design is not disposable.

    Unisex. Stretching the limits of seasons… and also of gender.

    The roots of the label are in the process of making shoes by hand, so there is a very passionate approach to the product we make.

  • Made in Spain

    We design all of our products in our studio/atelier/home in Barcelona, and work closely with local providers and our partner factory in the southern region of Spain for the production.

  • Behind the shoe: The story

    We respect the anatomy and volume of the human foot, so we focus and work on the support, this is the ingredient that will give shape to the form and dimension of the shoe.

    A same base (last form), can give us multiple results in terms of structural appearance.

    DS uses a single last to make different models and variations, with thiner leather soles, eva platforms, cylindrical heels, tpu teeth and rubber soles, to name a few.

  • “Our shoes are designed to outlive seasons, to be worn, to last, and to age with character”

  • Good design is not disposable

    We go back in time, adapt and give new twists and life onto past models.The # in our product naming shows how many editions this model has.

    It’s an exploration between textures, colors, materials and shapes, while handpicking new combinations of soles and uppers.

    The creative curiosity that drives us goes hand in hand with our detail and care for materials, from 100% naturally dyed cowhide leather, that ages beautifully and with character over time; gel insoles that adapt to your feet; wood heels and platforms; technologic materials like tpu and eva; to textiles and velvet… the list goes on.

    Pure passion, perseverance and a need to explore