Know your DS size


We work with EU sizes and use different lasts to make our shoes.

Some more narrow, wide, pointy, square, with higher or lower insteps…

All of this influences on the size you should get.


We have “deux” solutions for you:

If you’re in Barcelona, stop by our Atelier to try on the shoes!

Or measure your feet correctly and compare it to our size chart.


*Find below a full chart with all the size equivalences and on each product page you’ll find the last that shoe has.


Step by Step

1.- Place a sheet of paper on the floor, against the wall

2.-  Step on the sheet, with your heels touching the wall

3.-  Mark the point your longest toe reaches.

That’s it!

The rest is simple algebra:

Multiply the number you got  by 1.5 and then add 0.7.

Example: If your foot measures 24 cm x 1.5 = 36 + 0.7 = 36.7 cm Your size is 37.

  • Tips

    If you’re in between two sizes, always go with the biggest.

    If possible, measure your feet with the socks you usually use or want to use with that shoe.

    Measure your feet at the end of the day, morning isn’t too reliable as the feet “expand” throughout the day as you walk.

    Keep in mind that while walking  the foot is stretched to touch the ground, so the shoe must be bigger than the foot. Add 0.7 cm to the measurement obtained.

  • Don’t worry if in a given case you can’t find the equivalence in the size guide. Tell us your measurement and we’ll tell you the size.