Shoe care by DS

With these simple tips we want to help you give a vitamin boost to your new or old pair of shoes.

 There are different types of cowhide leather, and each requires a different care.

And being a skin, as we would do with our own, leather needs to be cleaned, moisturized and protected.




Easily identifiable because you can see the pores in the skin. It can be shiny or matte, and for both the care is the same, as you can make a matte boxcalf become shiny by manually polishing it.

Clean it with a moist soft bristle shoe brush, a cloth or suede (make sure it doesn’t let lose any threads or fluff). Afterwards, to moisturize, apply a shoe cream and spread it evenly.

There are  colored or colorless shoe cream, if you go for color, make sure to get the tone right! Let it dry at room temperature (not with sunlight,or above radiators/heaters).

Then you can use a dry soft bristle brush or a cloth to shine it.

Greased leather

It has an oily look and feel to it. It needs to be nurtured and waterproofed. 

Clean it with a moist soft bristle shoe brush, a cloth or suede (make sure it doesn’t let lose any threads or fluff).

You can use shoe cream or horse grease to hydrate it, we prefer the latter because it also gives the leather a thin waterpoof layer. Spread it evenly with the cloth/brush, let it dry and then use the same tool  to give it the final touches.

Be careful when applying the grease, don’t over do it, better to re-apply than to over grease the skin.


Split / suede

This is the inside of the skin, or the resulting layer of sawing off a thicker skin in different layers. It is tougher and more resilient.

Use a regular bristle brush (not a soft as for boxcalf or florantic), and aways brush in the same direction as the hair goes.

Always clean it while dry. If there are any stains, the ideal is to use a cleaning spray or dry foam.


Polished skin with natural velvety finish.  It needs more attention and to be treated gently and delicately, it’s more vulnerable to dirt and stains.

 Always clean it while dry. We recommend using a very soft bristle brush (not a cloth), rubbing it in circular mode. Softly! Too hard and you can hurt the skin.

If the stain persists, we recommend getting a specific cleaning spray and then, brush softly. You can find them in shoe shops or specialized retailers.

Flor antic / Patent leather

In this leather you won’t see any pores. It has a glossy thin layer that gives it its shiny finish.

It doesn’t need to be moisturized as often, just clean it with a moist cloth, let it dry and then polish it a bit with suede or a soft bristle shoe brush.

Textiles and neoprene

If you thought about using the washing machine, don’t. It could damage the fabric, undo seams and destroy the soles.

Clean it with a moist cloth or soft bristle brush. Another option is to clean them with a neutral soap.

Clean, rinse and repeat. Never gets old.

If some day, your Deux Souliers get damaged or badly stained, feel free to contact us to see if we can help.